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 Dialogues in Islamic thought ... حوارات في الفكر الاسلامي ج2

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مُساهمةموضوع: Dialogues in Islamic thought ... حوارات في الفكر الاسلامي ج2   الأربعاء فبراير 13, 2008 1:53 am

How aware is the meaning of the Koran

Question 3: As Porter argued that the Koran and all interpreted by the Task Force also believes every interpreted for the benefit of multiple ideas Mtmantgah substantiated, how can a Muslim simple aware of the fact that reading and interpretation of Koranic texts?

Shaykh: this is achieved by reference to those who know his secrets are imams household (PBUH), and the awareness of their meaning (is down you book him or mandates are adhering book and another who Michabhatt either in their hearts Sauer finest view of the similarity of sedition and order construed What construed only God knows the players in the science say safer when each of our Lord and not paying little minds) (Al Omran) 7.

He said God came to them (If a security or fear of broadcasting Rdoh even to the Prophet and the first of them is to learn who Istnbtonh whom it not Fadlallah mercy to you and ye little devil) (83 women).

So there is in the Koran states are not adhering to interpret therefore agreed to Muslims such as those dictated prayer and fasting, which deprived the dead and adultery, and the verses are interpreted any need to return to the fact meaning is not enough considering the apparent from the (first), a return must be referred back to their owners those who know the secrets the Koran, has made clear types in our previous report on the friendly pure Fatima Zahra (for peace). They are the people who go home on their chariots of God and Tehrhm cleansing.

Either away from the designated net and it bears struggling and storm waves straying away from the truth, and if it is a Fissedil other as did Kharijites and strayed astray.

The error occurred in the same day Kharijites Kaltcfhirien where started Itaulon verses of the Koran and interpret guerrillas massacred by the blood taboo and crops and cattle perished while they thought that they were acquiring good. Therefore, we advised our Sunni opening endeavor to adjust them as the Mufti, who was limited avenues for civil and interpretations of the texts only to those who reached the rank-Semitism.

Multiple reference case of a positive

Question 4: Do you think with a single reference or are you with multiple references?

Shaykh: that the diversity of hardworking positive case because the meaning of life and existence of intellectual and scientific creativity in the nation, as measured now by the genius of which is a community of scientific competencies, and the more Percent This luminous point in the history of the nation.

These people are turning expertise and best practice activity at the level of their estate and scientific community generally Literature due to the people to learn their religion and worldly things, and every one of the people followed by a more inclusive view of the other conditions referred to below, which scholars in their books, have varied convictions Viadd References . And not the harm it is not a matter of course at the world doctrine only. But it is more in other fields of human need, there are several references from medical specialists for example, and each one alias and slide convinced by the fall; This is a good thing, yes at the level of command and mandate of the nation is no plurality in the same society and the country is guardian of one and a plurality Mentvia originally because the selection Leader and the girl is not, however, people, but however people Aqd scholars and professors nationwide Scientific Hawza, if this was necessary social guardian of the Declaration was not needed at all, and what was the experience recipes girl's life and society not only succeed girl If the people of that community and Ayish people in pain and suffering and know their problems and the details of their lives do not impose them by force, or the allegation.

Scholars differ in opinion is normal

Question 5: we read in letters process Authorities there is a difference of opinion in a one and everyone controversial fatwa other and there is a fatwa precautionary and Juba and the other a fatwa otherwise? What is the meaning of prudent and Juba in Ifta legitimate?

Shaykh: If your question involves the meaning of the objection in this case it was inappropriate because it is normal as long as the door open diligence and freedom of thought and the search for truth fully guaranteed, and the case brought to a satisfactory certain number of specialists it is not necessary that all agree on the diagnosis of one may disagree, but their visions differ, and can not be in contravention of the human person and convinced him sure his heart and his mind.

The difference is hardworking multiple origins of some see the different Kablyatem and their ability to exercise the legitimate government devise Kay technical exercise, scientific and introductions to see some underlying hard to reach the conclusion, has passed codes difficulties of many sources of legislation through history Vatlv big part of history and convey what happened when the occupation of Baghdad and the Mongols lost latecomers inter evidence that was available to the applicants, and copies of books were a primitive and write at night in the light of the moon lighting the old machines and at the hands of non-specialists Nsak but hired to copy the books, and because of all that might lose sight of the things simple but important example, says Imam (PBUH) (if done well as well as you or sic) Vinschha (so and so) is a look at the text first fatwa that the person emerged between the two because one (or)

Indicate choice and reached the second fatwa that combining the two because the language indicates the combination, he noted that the characters mill How impact on the outcome, and saw the old books and script expected many of these changes and suspects and the like.

Valastenbat requires considerable effort in knowing the sources, comparison and reflection and study, because Faqih deal directly with the texts that recorded over the hundreds of years. And one industrious effort is made to arrive at a realistic, the government struck That is kind of God and those who followed and that it had erred payment for the efforts sincerely to reach the truth.

The conviction Faqih finding may be full and final Vidzm governance, and may be less so powerful expresses any decreed that what is the strongest potential of the matter has been reported that the fatwa that forced the guard to discharge from custody and imitate, as the reservists work investigates all Hingis injury potential reality.

Definition (known to scholars) and its impact on the process of inference

Question 6: a methodology called upon scholars (Palmshahur to scholars) How is the impact of this famous think when devising legitimate government of the guide and keep up with modern times?

Shaykh: If the government was agreement by all of the first two scientists and others is a complex, and evidence of the unanimity as the ruling and reliable because it detector that this provision is taken from the sources of legislation first, and this biography are wise to you if you see a group of ideological conformity to a certain position Vtcetkhv that this is the position of that group and not explain how such a consensus?

Sometimes the provision is not complex but it adopted most is called (famous) are not fame argument and evidence does not have influence upon inference Faqih, especially if courageous and resolute and convinced of its findings, including the result and this is the position of scholars from all psychotropic psychological, social and other interests which are exposed that the great responsibility before God and the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him) and imams Benedict (prayers to God).

I bring you back big accident on the deceased's jewels in 1266 AH had quoted him that he was looking for something in the question of hot water if they occurred mash and quantity of the emigration of even cleanse closed wells was at home think so freely without psychological pressure he is directing for not Bnjaash say it comes from the well to draw water in the home when the search ended, returned unopened.

As well as not subject to political pressures despite severe suffered taghoots no pressure despite the economic hardship which needed the most, and this integrity, honesty and accuracy in Highnesses and restraint conditions in the Manual tradition, but for renowned scholars may find it respectful to the other because they are masters of the art, especially approached his time of the peace of God saw them, and perhaps they arrived from the hidden evidence we are not charged with it but gave religious opinions contrary accuse ourselves deficient, negligence and negligence on turning mechanism, in order to avoid that Faqih sometimes disagreed Vifti guard etc thus enhancing the true state of unease acquitted disclosure.

No individual can dispense with the tradition

Question 7: Can the human being to dispense with the tradition and works including dictated by the mind.

Shaykh: there is a wide area of the acts and activities of life called (permissible) to leave the street where the sacred freedom to choose the appropriate decision for the man himself, there is room to the streets again to put the sacred incentives to do it (mustahabb) and incentives to leave it (Abominations), and there is room too narrow for predecessors may not make up 1% above the mandatory provisions are already a (duties), or a Turk (taboo), we deserve this small percentage that annoyed them rights.

Eight each such legislation covering all the details of human life and society not only to worship but to worship represent the least of the provisions of Sharia but I want the two goals: a secular happiness and trust and the creation of human life among members of peace, security, prosperity, love and harmony (and Otherworldly) to ensure LOUISE victory in the afterlife and resurrection and God's Almighty and the Gardens of Delight dwell therein do not see the pain and suffering and injustice and scanty.

The results are all well and God's indispensable for the creation of what he did leave, but in vain knowing what help him in his life and Dallah the repair, if View Rights on this divine recipe has the same injustice.

But take this divine order of the lives of the prophets and messengers who resurrected and guardians (prayers to God companions) then scientists know these rulings and legislation.

It is human nature to return in each area to specialists if it was ill God forbid it reviews the doctor does not allow himself to take a book from the library and medically extracted from treatment, because the details and interventions and conclusions are perceived only with jurisdiction.

Man, who is keen on its present and future life and the Hereafter due to the religious scholars to take them guarantees him survive even if the prospect of a world Hereafter, numeracy and weak punishment, the seriousness of the potential driven by the introduction of, for example, noted mania, which was heard by the world because that person had died of avian influenza in a country destroyed millions of birds and sold millions of vaccines and vast sums spent on preventive action, that the possibility of infection with the disease a person less than one tens of millions However, it finds such actions justified the seriousness of a potential death and the afterlife, more importantly, because they (the remaining life and home Hereafter is an animal if they knew) (Spider 64), and we do not tolerate us, but certain that the details of their existence, which transported us a hundred and twenty-four thousand prophet Sadik.

In addition to reassuring life being experienced by the insurer and lacking others, the transfer of one of the brothers on me student in China that the Chinese told him that it did not deal with alcohol and avoid adultery, as well as call Rights Model, I wonder what the so-called Moslem who avoid all evils and demonstrated qualities offices Semitism.

And shortened the answer by saying that a return to competent jurisdiction in the way Aklaih under way in all areas and religious field of the most important must be solidified it for joy in the world and our lives Standing in the other not do without the reference to religious scholars to take them because they have jurisdiction, and that reason could not understand the secrets legislation, but taken from the prophets and messengers of God.

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(1) report to some of what appeared in the dialogue (Radio Holy Koran) of the Iraqi Information Network with Eminence Sheikh Mohamed Al Yacoubi (long shadow), and aired on the anniversary of birth of this multi-year 1428[/left][b]
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Dialogues in Islamic thought ... حوارات في الفكر الاسلامي ج2
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