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 On the anniversary of the visit in 1425 session بيان المرجع

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مُساهمةموضوع: On the anniversary of the visit in 1425 session بيان المرجع   الأربعاء فبراير 13, 2008 2:18 am

On the anniversary of the visit in 1425 session

Refuge in God from Satan the accursed Dieting
Name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate
Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds and blessings of God for Muhammad and good Pope
We have tried enemies household (PBUH) throughout history in various ways to discourage loyal to them (PBUH) to continue the revival of God's rites, the Almighty has reached such methods as murder, imprisonment, chopping members and pays money prohibitive In all this leaves parents God Mnsourin victory, but no more ruin and believers only determined to continue a household (PBUH) and outlined these enemies that Shiites household them peace created by Fadhel Tinthm (PBUH) are also told (PBUH) before creatures, beautiful creature understanding of joy and sorrow and grieve for those rites provide them with faith and loyalty that whenever the temperature increased extinguished these rites Atkada and survival of religion in our nation reaches despite the many adversities only blessings Hussein (peace be upon him) and the religious zeal which ran the hearts of believers only from the effects of worship Husseinieh have thought that the bombings on the Ashura renewed tragedy will prevent us that the faithful continue to play edicts Fajapt Znnounam immediately where processions started scrambling responsive appeal Hussein (peace be upon him) (Nasser Is it, is it a) a massive exceeded perception directly after the bombings and then returned and threatened visitors forty rolls hundreds of thousands start date of the visit days before the processions are at the foot of those criminals and affirms its loyalty to the people of School House () 1397 1977 attempted Gelaozh Baath honors each of the brutal suppression of the processions infantry launched of Najaf, using tanks, armored vehicles, aircraft were changed loyalists are exposed in this desert but the march continued and arrived in Karbala and handed the baton to Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) and his brother Abu Abbas credit Vaandhanhm (peace be upon him) thoughts and kindness and caring son Imam argument expected (it Peace).
This loyalty and sincerity and determination to continue the approach Husseini is the safety valve for the survival of religion is alive in performance and shorten its awareness of the real definition does not need to have updated great summed up the revolution of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) words a minute (I was knocked out in Eilat elated nor unjust not incorrect, but exited the request of reform in the nation seriously Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and is the Propagation of Virtue and ended the prisoner Biographical serious and Abe, but you did not work to the right and wrong not to hear him, to wish insured in a Lord, I do not see death only HE and life with the victory but impatient).
We all have to work in order to be successful visit session to achieve the goals that wanted her household (PBUH) urged Ciathm of these events as they were forty visit in the past year as successful, despite all the considerations that it occurred a few days after the fall of Saddam, the country was witnessing a security vacuum and politically where no state law, no police, no army and no force to protect the security and simplify the rules, however, led the People's Committees in its fullest and no security incident in a road crash, but despite the intensity of people and cars and such miracles proud that our people can not upgrade them All the peoples of the world called urbanization and the rule of law and slogans were conscious, purposeful and reflective of the real demands of the people I have outlined to them which takes the religious wise Fenrid visit this year like its predecessor We have clearly expressed demands of the people in a speech Friday prayers in the yard of paradise and the subsequent speeches must be our within the limits set by reference conscious To that situation we model:
1 - full cooperation with the People's Committees, which oversees the maintenance of order and security of visitors and volunteers who provide basic services to them.
2 - Non presence of women in areas of large gatherings of the difficulty pat or providing cadre of women to carry out this task have inserted them women hired some of the enemies and be a means of implementing their crimes diabolical.
3 - full awareness of the objectives of the revolution and take advantage of the Husseinieh preachers and workers at every opportunity, both during the road or in places groupings.
4 - to use this occasion to express their legitimate demands were outlined in six points in the first Friday prayers sermon in Paradise Square, and add to in the letters of reference religious wise.
5 - going to organize in the form of processions and rallies are members scattered Ktheroa important to be more prestige and pride is better to be at the top of every parade preacher guide and to declare those who belong to processions to show the universality of movement for all groups and strata and single out university students should have coordination between them and the Organizing Committee of the League of Karbala and to declare the names of universities, colleges and institutes represent to impress consistently university affiliation to Islam.
6 - to prevail among them the spirit of brotherhood and harmony altruism and compassion but also described God (and prefer to themselves if their shortage) (Hashr: From verse 9) to be with Allah (God and the blessings of God and peace), the description of God is with the Messenger of God (blessings of Allah and peace and God) through the generations not specialize Palmasrin him (blessings of Allah and peace and god) that they (the infidels Hda else whom see them as well Rkaaa prostrate want from God and belongings) (Conquest: From verse 29).
7 - that does not limit monopolization in the care of visitors and create sight of food, housing and others to show the world that the people of House (PBUH) Ciathm learn to be more capable of the best armies of the world in providing support and logistics services as they call. The same multiple versions of the rites but is a training violent jihad and sacrifice in the name of Allah the Almighty.
To remember always that all that suffer from severe and curse and the scourge of the difficulties and efforts and sacrifices, then it is spent in the eye of God and by better selves penalty as meaning: (and spend nothing is a successor) (SABA: From verse 39) is inclusive of all expenditure and highest esteem for that generosity The Imam Hussein (PBUH) repeating day of Ashura (Hun what got me into it God) has promised, the Almighty God's say a heartfelt: (I do not take up the work of working your male or female) (Al Imran: From verse 195), said Ezz from the man who said: (so that they do not suffer thirst and Mkhms monument in the cause of God nor Itaon cemetery Vexes infidels nor obtain an enemy of the yen only wrote them the benefit of the work that God will not be good wage) (Repentance: From verse 120).
Blessings to you this blessing of God that God by you and not something equivalent When someone complained to the (peace be upon him) and said to him: I do not have anything and he said: but you valuable than the minimum and where. Said: What then praised Allah (God and the blessings of God and peace). He (peace be upon him): You have our people home. Will let it if the minimum and reward them. The men loyal: No praised Allah made me even more. He (peace be upon him): So you better than the minimum and where.
Thank God, which enables this, and we were to find it not for the Nation of God and prayer and peace Ashraf, which was created and why Hdaitna spared Muhammad and good Pope.

Mohamed Al Yacoubi
13 1425
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On the anniversary of the visit in 1425 session بيان المرجع
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