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 Biography of Sheikh Mohammed Al Yacoubi ..سيرة المرجع2

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مُساهمةموضوع: Biography of Sheikh Mohammed Al Yacoubi ..سيرة المرجع2   الأربعاء فبراير 13, 2008 3:09 am

In the summer in 1970 began late Mr. upper projects to take advantage of the summer vacation for students to open courses in the sciences, under at two levels: the first for young people where examine Mr. himself heavenly, logic and Qatar drops and the second for children taught his children the books simplified Kalnho clear to the Jarim was for this session that lasted one or two years where travel to Iran late upper demonstrable impact on the character and refine his thinking was the same time as a tutor variety is what benefited from his petitions and is attending his father on the boards of Morocco and my prayer before dinner, which was built by his father in the city utilized.

I belong in the second row to the average school eligibility Shiite Imam horse, which was interested in Islamic education lessons in addition to the academic machine, studying Islamic education when the late martyr Sheikh Abdul Jabbar optical who was residing Zhreinn group prayer before adjournment students to their homes during the two years of his stay in school learning a lot and opened its eye on a higher level of religious books Waverly Islamic martyr Saeed al-Sadr P where I was one of his fellow activists in this area, Mr. Mehdi Saleh Mr. Hakim who was preparing abstracts of books I and Mr. Shahid given by us, and where we were five of the late martyr Alhaji Jamal Reza Alwan, Mr. Ahmed Taher, Mr. Barzani and Mr. Ali Mohammed Taher vowed As security conditions difficult time where executed Sheikh Aref and optical companions were taken in 1974 roaming the streets of East Karada Asharqia quiet opportunity to address these ideas.

During his stay in the school he started growing vulnerability to research and writing, where the cost of one teacher to write the report so he elected to write about wine Due to the presence of a large library at his home and practice with the books he has met with much information on the subject and ultimately became almost two hundred page book entitled (wine or corrupt) Check it wrote interpretation, education and medicine, and the meeting was arranged well.

After the end of the study in 1975, he joined the medium employed in the eastern Karada Asharqia had a greater chance to meet with selected youth Alrsaliyn Atmrthm who at the end of the seventies martyr Sadr's movement I joined a number of them in their Lord martyrs after leaving others are still memories of dutifulness and the period Ashoha them taste the private self of whom label argument Sheikh Hassan Ali Moussa Al-Rubaie, who is now in Iran.

After the end of junior high school in 1978 and entered the University events Islamic revolution in Iran and rising interest Minstrel to watch and everybody appear on the radio and all ears listening to the Voice especially Monte Carlo published eight o'clock in the evening gives detailed news revolution until the arrival of Mr. Imam Khomeini) Kdh) to Iran on the first of February 1979 and its victory in ten atheist him not forget that inundated us joy - and the talk of Shaykh - I do not think I am in my life or something happened like this as they realize the dream Alrsaliyn all in the establishment of the Government of Islam in the ground and in the summer of that year after the end of exams Final repressive security authorities launched a campaign of arrests affected many young people conscious religious and hold the post of president Saddam in July of that year and removed his opponents Baathists to unleash a vicious hand to do what he wishes to extend his execution for the crime of the times the great martyr Mr. Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr in April 1980 and we in the second phase of the study has increased the security situation worse and intensify work Honorable following the decision of the so-called Revolutionary Command Council fateful March 1980 1980 started the war against Iran and Islam, we are in the beginning of the study in the third round and went difficult days from which we have the fear and panic because the eyes and tried to wait for us in Aigaena Alfajok to collect the charge against us was Ingina God, the Almighty bless and they insist on our belonging to the Baath Party, and we reject various pretexts Fitrkonnena and come back to us, and we remain on this case and the ongoing war on Islam and the Iranian forces began to regain balance and achieve victories especially in the pens and Dsfol in March 1982 1982 We in the final examinations of the fourth phase did not prevent us from Tautness to the radio and follow-up victories Army of Islam and an attempt to postpone joining military service after graduation decided to leave the exam in one lesson to getting several months to be released May God bless The Almighty because options over the fine, but any lesson let it affect the rate of graduation, and then decided to leave the exam in the study (the national culture and socialism), which draws students ideas of the Baath Party and the risk of the system, just one of which is in the height and splendor not forget charge of the so-called National Union for students when handed exam results is seen with eyes Mreptin: You Mohamed Moussa? And understood what sensible, but I understand trust in God, the Almighty bless did not explain God and saved them. Having passed in the second round had to perform military service and my appointment as a civil engineer back in the Ministry of Defence terms, this means the physical location convenient and it returns an enormous financial However, I think I did not tip his country is located in that eye shadow was how to save myself from the fire of hell that I see staring you Once my unequivocal (Khaki) any military clothing, even if I was in my home for me was one of two options:

I: crossing the border into Iran and Islam to escape quickly as long as the documentary after the university did not lose a decision fraught with danger because all fronts were witnessing fierce battles between Onah and others.

II: hiding in the house and left military service and keen penalty has many hypocrites and Aloachon until he killed the father and son, husband of women fear that everyone convicted of the charge of concealing and covering up (traitors) by lie.

Vazmt the first to acknowledge that me and my family despite the difficult road from northern Iraq by the Kurds, despite some of which is a break from the heart of my mother lost my father in July 1982 and was given three of my siblings to military service in the same year and the fourth was wounded and disabled kidney bedridden model, but I Slutea were not opposed to a decision and I promised my family in the morning one day in October 1982 departing from Islam to Iran, but the mediator had not come to the place and failed trip justified by the outbreak of fighting in the region scheduled for passage.

And commended the Almighty God's promise to the House how the joy of my Mom said when you left the kyum the APEC.

There was only me to be the second option stayed in the house and I was between duration and other visiting paper used by the military to leave when their parents go to the other that I foolishly military already has come to leave my family and habitual ever on this case months and month and year and two years, whenever we approached the vagina and if no longer hope away Nobody knows how and when to end the war, but I nevertheless perhaps you happiest man in those days because I was in the case of spiritual Semitic I escort the Koran and books that contained my father and his prayer rug and radio, which follow when the Islamic Republic News and the war with Iraq nor met with others so little in my family I was keen to exploit the image of my time play.

It is God's kindness to my library included mothers sources that are insured personal prophetic in various fields of knowledge They balance in the shadows of the Koran and means Shiites and explain the approach and history Tabari and reviews and other in history, literature, interpretation and jurisprudence, assets and the men and Islamic awareness, and I proved in the papers capital ideas for books that read No. page and part of me could easily accessible whenever you want I still keep those papers, and I was the holy Koran A interpreted Fajtemth dozens of times in that period and I think that many of Civilities divine that the eyes are removed because of the Koran and Sahpti resisted and emerged with the outcome of these lectures focused original ideas and research value I need a check from me and my best Iugeni and watched the reading alone is not enough and I want to reach the highest ranking is not enough alone reading prospective applicants were not in the arena of Infni because of the absence of most of imprisonment and execution of displacement or taken to military service and the work of those in the Honorable and Hsari Come home to God, the Almighty bless reason to contact Mr. martyr Sadr second form in which I will be by God Almighty in a separate chapter ([3]) began big leap in my life and opened the eyes of broad prospects.
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مُساهمةموضوع: رد: Biography of Sheikh Mohammed Al Yacoubi ..سيرة المرجع2   الجمعة مارس 07, 2008 3:01 am

Doing God's best kick benefactors and give God Mradih
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Biography of Sheikh Mohammed Al Yacoubi ..سيرة المرجع2
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